Work–It’s a Love/Hate Relationship

Work. We have experienced it (I hope). If you’re doing what you love, you gotta enjoy it. If you’re not doing what you love, you probably hate it. However, if you’re stuck somewhere in between where you’re doing what you love, but something just seems to be interfering with your love for the work, you’re stuck in a real life purgatory.

This is purgatory. Google images says so.

Sorry for the gruesome image. I needed some dramatic effect. I’m actually not religious at all.

The issue with my personal purgatory seems to be the environment. The people and the work are just dandy, but it’s the work space I can’t seem to deal with. I assure you I do not work in awful conditions. The building is always heated and cooled when necessary, there is a working toilet, a workout room is provided complete with showers, and we even have brand new desks and desks chairs. The entire floor I’m working on has actually just been rebuilt before I was moved there. This is the gem though. You need to ask yourself, “Why was it just rebuilt?” Of course no one bothers to ask because no one cares. But this my friends, is going to lead to a fact that will be the main contributor of my love/hate relationship with work.

The reason the floor I’m working on was rebuilt is because a while ago it was severely damaged due to a flood which at that time had reached levels higher than the ceiling of the floor I’m working on. Woop-dee-doo.

(sarcastically) “We’re going to put you on this floor that looks wonderful because it flooded really badly before. We hope you enjoy it! Oh and by the way, the windows are 1 foot by 2 feet large and sit eight feet above the ground so you can’t see the light of day until you finish your work and leave for the day.”

Wonderful. Simply wonderful. I find solace in the desk lighting that I have. Although it is not the glowing yellow of the sun shining outside, I can at least fool myself into thinking that this basement is not a prison and that I am in fact basking in the warm wonderfulness of the outside light.

Sometimes I wonder if my co-workers feel the same. I don’t say anything because I don’t want to be the whiner, but a girl has to wonder sometimes.

At least I like the work. That’s half the battle. The pay isn’t that bad either.

You know it's true, so don't deny it.