I Never Finish Anyth

For the longest time, I have not been able to finish anything I start. It is a trait that plagues my very existence. Before moving to Indiana, I blamed it on school. If you know what an engineering curriculum is like, maybe you know what I mean. If not, think about it this way: class, class, homework, class, lunch, class, homework, meeting, homework, homework, office hours (homework help), homework, homework, homework *voice grows faint in the distance* homework, homework…

And then you wake up and do it all over again!

A very realistic summary of how things are:

Don’t laugh. It’s true. Okay, maybe you can laugh a little..

When I moved to Indiana I slowly began to realize that it was not in fact school’s fault…Knitting projects, crochet projects, books, video games, plans, etc. You name it, I most likely have not finished it. I began paying special attention to this flaw of mine and since then, I have managed to read one whole book. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. Afterwards I came to find that this is a children’s book. -_-

I began to seek another book to read. I decide my next book will be Kathy Reichs’ Deja Dead. I have it all downloaded to my Kindle and I’m nice and ready to start reading when I realize, “I haven’t knit in a while. I’m going to buy yarn and knit myself a scarf.” This is despite the fact that I have not yet completed my scoodie (scarf hoodie combo) which I am in the midst of crocheting.

I now have also proceeded to promise other poor souls (who are clueless as to what my “condition” is) crochet gifts such as hats. Little do they know, at this point they probably won’t be getting these gifts until Winter 2020.

Chronic abandonment. What will my future children have to endure? One can only imagine. Perhaps they’ll be my next temporary interest. If you are interested in adopting an infant, please email me your information and I’ll contact you when I decide my kids are old news. In the mean time…

What in the world? Am I the only one who does this?