Are your big feet not feeling loved? There’s a solution for that!

There are a lot of unfair things in life. Rather than talking about everything that is wrong in the world, I will pick one issue that I have encountered time and time again that I found a solution to today. Many stores that sell shoes, either don’t carry sizes larger than 9 or 10, or have simply just run out because they order so few. Some shoes aren’t even made in larger sizes. I am a size 11, which makes it hard to find shoes that I like and that fit. I have been to many stores, and even in stores that have a whole section for size 11 I am dissatisfied with. It seems as though the larger the shoe size is, the uglier the styles are for those shoes. Who decided women with large feet had to also wear ugly shoes? It’s an outrage!

Doing what I always do when I encounter a problem, I went straight to Google to see if anyone had found a solution. Apparently, many women have run into this problem and noticed that shoes tend to get more hideous as the sizes progressively increase. All of these women, shop online for their shoes. I thought, “Well, that’s just crazy. What if they don’t fit or I don’t like the way they feel on my feet?”. I ended up exploring some sites that offer shoes for women with larger feet and looked at the return and exchange policies. Many of these online stores allow you to return for a full refund or exchange for a different pair free of cost (granted you have not worn them outside and used them already).

Some of the online stores I found consisted of Barefoot Tess, Big Feet Store, and Large Feet. But one brand I’ve been gunning after that happens to carry a size 11 online (though not commonly carried in stores) is the brand Blowfish. I immediately fell in love and knew I would love a majority of this brand’s collection. I added all shoes of interest to my shopping cart and summed up how much it would be if I bought all the shoes I absolutely loved. It came up to over 300 dollars! So in the end I chose the three pairs I had to have (either because they were clearance items or a part of a sale which ended today) and applied a discount code for 15% off. I purchased my three pairs of shoes for 84 bucks and was ecstatic at the idea of these shoes showing up on my doorstep sometime in the next 2 weeks.

I can honestly say that Blowfish is my new favorite brand of shoes and encourage any one who reads this blog to go and take a look at their collection of styles. As far as a recommended website for shoes sizes larger than 11, I really enjoyed Barefoot Tess and thought their website had a really diverse and enjoyable selection of shoes. In the mean time, I do hope that stores and designers realize that not everyone has feet that are on the smaller end and try to recognize that through size availability and stock. Until then, I have a feeling I’m going to continue taking advantage of shopping online for my shoes since that is better than going to three different stores only to come out of each and every one of them disappointed.

Any thoughts or feelings on this topic? I would enjoy reading what you think in the comments!